Moving Checklist

Even though it’s very exciting moving into your own home, the whole process can be quite daunting. So I’ve put together a checklist to help you plan for your moving day.

Four weeks before moving

• Confirm the date you’ll be moving in, if you can.
• Let your telephone and utilities companies know when you are moving out.

Three weeks before moving

• Book and confirm a moving company, or arrange for a moving van if you’re doing the move yourself
• Check your home contents policy for cover at your new address during your move
• Give your bank and any credit card companies your new address and review any direct debit payments
• Let your water, electricity and gas suppliers know you are moving
• Arrange phone & cable in your new home.
• If you’re not confident to do it yourself, book an electrician/plumber to disconnect and refit your appliances

Two weeks to go

• Clear out anything you don’t need – don’t forget to check attics and sheds
• Arrange for your mail to be redirected; the Post Office will do this for a small charge
• Make sure everyone who needs to know you’re moving has your new address, this could include:

• Bank
• Insurance companies
• Credit cards and store cards
• Drivers licences
• Mortgage providers
• Clubs and memberships
• Direct delivery services
• Relatives and friends.

One week to go

• Confirm moving arrangements with moving company or van hire company
• Sort out keys into sets for your existing home
• Put all important and valuable items in a safe, easily accessible place.
• Put together a tool kit with handy items such as a screwdriver, pliers and light bulbs – these will be invaluable on moving day

One day to go

• Remove any fixed items not included in the sale
• Pack a box of essentials and keep it handy so it’s the first box to be unpacked at your new home.
• Include items such as:

• Kettle, mugs, milk, tea, sugar and biscuits
• Light bulbs
• Bin liners, cloths, rubber gloves, cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner
• Toilet paper
• Basic tools
• Pen and paper.

Moving day

• Turn off central heating and all electrical appliances
• Make a note of gas, electric and water meter readings
• Check all storage spaces have been cleared and lock all windows and doors
• Leave keys, garage remote & any warranties as arranged for the new owners


Jeff Silva

Jeff Silva