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Why Use Me As Your Buyer’s Agent

Here are a few great reasons to use me as your buyer’s agent when buying real estate:

• Having a buyer’s agent is FREE to the buyer. In residential real estate, the commission is usually paid by the seller whether or not a buyer’s agent is involved. Where else can you receive the benefits of a trained and experienced professional with over 20 years on your side for FREE!

• Having a buyer’s agent gives you more negotiating power. Having a buyer’s agent helps you hold all the cards when negotiating with the seller.

• I can give you full access to the MLS. As a member of the multiple listing service (MLS) in both MA & RI. I can ask you the right questions to determine what you are looking for and what areas you are most interested in. Once I know your price range and what you are looking for I can provide printouts or email reports to find available homes that meet your criteria. I can also setup auto emails to notify you automatically if a listing comes on the market that meets your criteria.

• A buyer’s agent will save you valuable time. Why do something yourself when you can have a professional buyer’s agent with years of experience and knowledge do it for you? I will spend time previewing homes and staying familiar with the current listing inventories. This knowledge will help save valuable time so you are not viewing homes that don’t meet your needs.

• Your agent takes care of all the paperwork. I will write up the offer, review seller disclosures, attend home inspection and make relevant suggestions, follow thru to escrow and closing. . it’s nice to have an experienced professional by your side to handle the paperwork and to help answer any questions you might have. I have done this many times and am good with meeting deadline and crossing my t’s.

• A buyer’s agent is a great resource of knowledge and information. I know a lot about real estate. I will educate you about market conditions, and answer any questions you have about the home buying process. I keep up on changes to real estate law & changing markets. My goal is to give you the best advice so it is possible for you to make informed decisions.

• You benefit from a network of professionals. I have good relationships with several home inspectors, mortgage lenders & closing attorneys. I will help you find the right professional to help ensure a successful buying process with the least amount of worry or stress.

• A buyer’s agent looks out for your best interest at all times. As your buyer’s agent I have a legal and ethical responsibility to represent you and your best interest at all times.

• It’s nice to have a friend in the business. One of my goals is to provide you with the best services possible and be the type of person that you feel the same way about when the transaction is completed. I value trust and friendship in all transactions.


Jeff Silva

Jeff Silva